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Safety Test UK Ltd can ensure that your extinguishers are always ready to use in the case of an emergency. We provide a service which will maintain your essential fire protection equipment up to British Standard BS5306. This standard meets the current requirements of insurance companies which demand annual fire extinguisher maintenance for all portable fire extinguishers.

The importance of these fire prevention devices should not be underestimated. Around 80% of all small fires that are reported are put out using a fire extinguisher and this means less of a strain on the fire brigade resources and, more importantly, less damage to property and threat to life.

Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance is absolutely essential for fire extinguishers for several reasons. It verifies the correct media is in the unit, that it hasn’t been tampered with, and can ensure that as well as moving parts functioning properly, any gas pressurisation is also correct, and that the unit is not discharged, or incapable of actuating when needed.

Recharges, refills and testing is part of the service that we provide. In addition, we can recommend the installation of updated fire extinguishers and advise you about fire blankets and fire warning signs.

We can provide:

  • Servicing and Maintenance of Fire Extinguishers
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Surveys and advice on British Standards
  • Fire Safety Training

Extinguisher Colour Coding

Different types of fire extinguishers are identified and distinguished by colour coding. New extinguishers manufactured to BS EN 3 are coded with a coloured band covering up to 5% of the total surface area.

Fire Rating

All fire extinguishers carry a number followed by a letter on the front instructions; this combination denotes both the size and type of fire it will safely extinguish. The number is the size of fire it can extinguish under test conditions – the larger the number, the larger the fire it can extinguish. The letter indicates the fire classification as above. If a fire extinguisher carries more than one identifying letter, it is safe to use on different types of fires.

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